Fresh fruit bursts with flavor and nutrients. It tastes good and is good for you. Even if someone has to core, peel, or cut it first, it usually goes straight from your fingers to your tongue. Yum! While canned fruits have their place (and convenience!), there’s something special about fresh fruit. That’s true when it comes to group Bible studies too. You can have “canned” study, with famous, talented Bible teachers “joining” your group via prerecorded video. They serve a purpose and are convenient, but a “fresh” study with a live leader has added benefits. A live leader can interact with learners, adjusting the content for their needs, while answering questions and clarifying points immediately. More than that, there’s a sense of familiarity, affection, and warmth moving between leader and learner that is missing when the leader is “canned.” Additionally, with a prerecorded video teacher, your women’s Bible study leader moves to the role of facilitator. She misses out on the benefits of the deeper study, preparation, and training she can experience if she’s leading the study herself. So when you’re praying about which kind of Bible study to choose, think “fresh.” It’s usually the better choice!

“An undiscerning diet of video can neglect to teach women how to study the Bible for themselves and leave them thinking they need a dramatic speaker to make the Bible interesting and relevant to their lives. The best study guides help women dig deeper into the Scriptures without spoon-feeding them answers before they have a chance to think for themselves.”

Keri Folmar on 

To buy “from concentrate” or “not from concentrate”—that is the question. Concentrated juices have the same nutrients as not-from-concentrate juices; they also have a higher sugar content. That means getting the “full-bodied,” “potent,” “robust,” and “completed” version of the juice. When it comes to juices, women may not want all that sugar for themselves or their families. But when it comes to Bible study, concentrated is good! It means no Bible truths are left out because they might be uncomfortable or unpopular. It also means that nothing is added that might dilute God’s Word.

 “The studies accurately quote the Scriptures, and the application is based on a right understanding of God and His Word. They do not ‘stretch’ the truth to make their point.” Kandy K., Brookside Baptist Church, Brookfield, WI

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