More satisfying

More joyous

More lasting

than a temporary victory or the pride 

of one-upping another person.

We see competition everywhere—businesses, siblings, politics, sports, and sadly, even among fellow Christians, churches, and church leaders.

But what if the gospel presents a different kind of social ethic?

God offers us something better. More satisfying. More joyous. More lasting than a temporary victory or the pride of one-upping another person.

It’s no contest—we can overcome a competitive spirit!


Take a sneak peek into the first chapter of this book that could help you overcome a competitive spirit!

MIKE HESS, GARBC National Representative

Mike Hess serves as national representative of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches. He has pastored churches in Illinois and Iowa and has ministered in Australia, Argentina, Colombia, Haiti, Mexico, Italy, and Israel. Mike is a graduate of Baptist Bible Seminary and a certified Biblical counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. He is passionate about making disciples through healthy local churches.

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DON'T SETTLE FOR A TEMPORARY VICTORYFind satisfaction and lasting joy in overcoming a competitive spirit

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